Are google reviews reliable?

In addition, it misleads consumers to make purchases based on recommendations that are not based on facts or even opinions. I think you're underestimating the vastness of Google's review system and all the negative effects that increased vigilance would have before Google makes sure it's done competently. If the false opinion persists, you can also try to contact Google Small Business support, who will contact you in a couple of days. The idea is that when a third party reads both the false opinion and the answer, it becomes clear that the opinion was never true, especially when the reviewer doesn't respond.

You didn't find your name on other review platforms (it doesn't mean you haven't given your business a 5-star review on another platform with a different identity. If you've checked a plumber in a city, a carpenter across the country, and a painter somewhere in between, things start to look a little suspicious. While this is good, if the customer left a negative review, it hurts you if the customer left a positive review. Since anyone can leave a review from any account, your customers have an easy time reviewing your business.

Google then sent my next customer, who I hadn't asked to write a Google review, a message inviting her to review her session with me. Their research showed that 24 of the same people who left a review for Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentist in Indianapolis, also left a review for the same garage door company in Las Vegas, the same wine distributor in Portugal and the same locksmith in England. That said, companies should never accuse reviewers of being naive; this could really affect you again. But until the actual application takes place, Dean says “the buyer beware every time they look at an online review.

You can't control what's in the review snippets, the ones you see in the right sidebar (the knowledge panel), or those in the Google Maps 3-pack. I don't know that my client wouldn't have deleted his review and I think it's a little unprofessional to ask him to submit his review again, but I'm so upset because he's gone and I wonder why. I saw that one company received the same negative review from 2 different users and it was all a copy and paste job. Among the things you revealed, the research of Mike Blumenthal and Joy Hawkins, some of the review spam networks are so massive, yet so basic.

I'm a local guide and Google often asks me to check where I've been; restaurants, subway stations, parks, anywhere that can be pinned on a map.

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