Do Reviews Really Matter? The Benefits of Online Reviews

Do reviews really matter? The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, 91% of people read them and 84% trust them as much as they would with a personal recommendation. With thousands of apps and services that use review data to help local shoppers make purchasing decisions, it's clear that reviews are an important part of the customer journey. Unfortunately, even if a company does everything right, they can still end up on the wrong side of a bad (and inaccurate) review. If this happens, you can report the reviewer to the platform administrators so that they can remove the review as soon as possible.

Some people have even formed identities around being expert travel reviewers, and they may be more likely to write critically in order to appear more professional. According to Dr. Paul Samuelson's revealed preference theory, one in 15 people review products they haven't really bought or used. From a consumer point of view, a company that offers online review opportunities is a company that trusts in delivering high quality products and excellent customer service.

This is why it's important to track metrics such as the number of reviews, average rating, and response rate when measuring the success of adding review requests and responses to your marketing strategy in San Antonio, TX. Your potential customers turn to online review sites to learn everything they can about your service or product. A great example of this is a case study that demonstrates the value of implementing a consistent and strategic review management program for a customer that delivers great product and value to customers. Google takes into account the ratings of several websites when determining the order of the companies it returns in local searches.

When reading reviews, it's important to pay attention to contextual details and specific facts rather than general reviewer impressions and assessments. Fortunately, with today's technology, all word-of-mouth talks about your business can be monitored and tracked. Rather than waiting for customers to voluntarily provide a review, you can ask them if they want to leave one on the site of your choice. A study found that 68% of customers would leave a review if asked.

Furthermore, online reviewers are 50 percent more likely to buy sales and buy four times more products.

Claudia Gribben
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