How can you tell if reviews are fake?

A 100% positive or negative review is a sign that the reviewer's intentions were not genuine. Warning signs to help you spot a false opinion. While it's impossible to know which company is responsible for a review, you can find clues in the style of the reviewer's profile. While there are many customers who use and review products for free immediately after their release date, this is far from the norm.

The only possible exception is people who bought an item elsewhere and then reviewed it on Amazon to inform people of problems with it. Genuine critics can mention these things, but they also tend to focus more on specific issues, such as check-in processes, price, and breakfast. A common trope of Steam reviews is simply writing OK, in contrast to the large amount of game time the reviewer has. In addition, most of these fake review factories are based in other countries, where they are essentially untouchable.

Look for patterns that don't make sense, such as reviewing expensive items of the same type (such as multiple TVs) in a short amount of time. It could be a sign that more than genuine interest led the author to write the review. Take the time to verify information on the Facebook, Twitter, or review website profile (if available). Instead of promoting the positives of a product, the fake reviewer will write a negative review and then say how much they liked another company's product.

Keep an eye on your location, account creation date, review activity, work information, and social accounts. But until the actual application takes place, Dean says “the buyer beware every time they look at an online review. Their research showed that 24 of the same people who left a review for Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentist in Indianapolis, also left a review for the same garage door company in Las Vegas, the same wine distributor in Portugal and the same locksmith in England.

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