Is gadget amp a good company?

Rating 2, 0 (2) Don't buy anything from this company. They sell defective items and when you complain they simply deceive you and do nothing. It was pointed out to Google last week, but the US company took action only after being contacted by BBC News on Monday. A Pew Research study in December found that nearly 90% of people want to work from their own desks at least a few days a week in the future, and that means doing it with the right devices.

So keep up to date with our weekly selection of the best gadgets and technology right now, whether you're looking for something simple to make your day-to-day easier or something a little special. It promises cinema-quality sound, with eight woofers and Dolby Atos, a new technology standard that truly expands the capabilities of surround sound. From a ring that turns your hand into a phone to a self-cleaning water bottle, these devices are the perfect gift, yes, even for yourself. I've tried to fix this with the company GADGET AMP, but they haven't been able to provide a solution, they just keep asking to try different things.

Late last week, the site was heavily billed for several out-of-stock or higher-priced devices elsewhere. A suspected scam store, with hard-to-find devices with below-normal prices, topped Google's search results for days.

Claudia Gribben
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