What is a good quality white shirt?

H%26M wasn't mentioned in the group discussion, but I've been wearing a brand white shirt for about five years and it hasn't let me down. Ideal for covering up on the beach, but also smart enough to work with. Some readers definitely mentioned Anine Bing. Here are 34 Vogue editors share the best white t-shirts for women and men to wear now and forever.

All that said, below, you'll find the best white cotton t-shirts (and a linen option just in case), from heavyweight options with a pocket to celebrity-recommended t-shirts and sustainable shirts from a closed-loop brand. Even by white shirt standards, it feels austere and minimalist, with a thin, laser-sharp cut and a well-proportioned collar. But the best white t-shirts can be paired with just about everything from comfortable yoga pants for the home to stylish skirts for the office and beyond. For a white shirt that's more forgiving, look no further than Bottega Veneta's cropped cotton poplin style.

Or you can “add a bit of edge” by cutting a tight white t-shirt or a long sleeve buttoned white shirt with scissors, creating a self-made crop top. The crisp white shirt has a higher front length and a longer back, a perfect oversized fit and a thick cotton material to keep its structure fitted. It is one of his best selections of white shirts because it is “the perfect balance of the feminine and the masculine. The style is slightly longer in the back and has no stitching for a fitted but minimalist approach to the white shirt.

My favorite white t-shirt is the Hanes x Karla t-shirt because I like that my t-shirts have weight, especially if they are white. No matter what kind of budget you have or what kind of sense of style, the white shirt is the ultimate thing in your closet.

Claudia Gribben
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