Where can i read google reviews?

Open Google Maps on your computer. The key here is to show the customer that they need to sign in to Google and navigate to your business listing on Google to leave the review. Third, if Google doesn't delete the review after a week or more, follow up with them through the support section of the Google My Business dashboard. Before you start, it would be wise to set up Google My Business notifications so that every time a new customer review is published, you receive a notification.

This means that anyone with a Google Account can post an anonymous review on your Google Business page. After you mark a review, a Google representative may contact you to ask for evidence that proves that the review is false. People use mobile devices more than anything else, so be sure to explain how to write a review on the Google My Business app on mobile devices. Google doesn't have a direct “delete” option, but there are different things you can do to delete the review.

If it's inappropriate or violates Google's contributed content policies, Google will often flag the review automatically. And while that's sometimes frustrating because you can receive a false review that completely baffles your star rating and public appearance, it's an important step for Google to provide accurate information. I'm sure you've already offered to correct the error before the review appeared, but offer again here for everyone to see as well. When you know you have a happy customer, MessageDesk automatically sends them a link to your Google review page.

The ugly truth is that there is no guarantee that Google support will listen to what you have to say and remove the review from you. You can also provide them with a direct link to your Google Maps listing, which will open the review panel. That's why Google took policies to a much higher level and anyone who wants to comment on any company must have their own Google Account in order to identify it. If they rate you highly, MessageDesk automatically asks them to publish their experience and leave you a Google review.

Google's user-contributed content guidelines (described below) describe specific cases in which Google will remove a review.

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