Which Shirt Brand is the Best in India?

When it comes to finding the best shirt brand in India, there are a lot of options to choose from. From formal to casual, there are a variety of brands that offer quality and style. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of the top 10 brands of men's shirts in India. The Diverse Men Formal Shirt is lightweight, breathable, wrinkle-free and also durable.

The shirt material is 100% cotton with long sleeves to give you maximum comfort and a modern look. The shirt also features a chest pocket, a stand-up collar and a shirt hem for a professional look. The Allen Solly Men's Slim Fit Casual Shirt is the best overall among the best brands of men's shirts. It is perfect for a tight fit and the material is 100% cotton and can therefore be easily washed without shrinking or drying out.

This shirt has been described as super sleek and elegant. It is one of the Top Shirt brands from India. The Parx Men's Slim Fit Casual Shirt offers 37% linen, 34% polyester and 29% cotton shirts that are made of high quality material. They are lightweight and easy to wear, ensuring that you don't feel uncomfortable at any time of the day.

They are enviable, as they come with an elegant and modern design, which enhances your personality every time you wear them. People's favorite Arrow is the name that reigns supreme when it comes to shirts. Owned by the company PVH, the arrow shirts come in different designs and patterns. They exude elegance and every season they release some modern designs. From formal to casual, you can find all styles of Arrow shirts.

Van Huesen Shirts

are premium shirts and are known for their quality and style.

Every gentleman's dream is to own a Van Heusen shirt. These shirts have their own style and are a must-have for any formal event. They come in all patterns, such as plain, printed, striped, etc.


stands for quality and elegance and goes with its proper slogan “The Complete Man”. No list is complete without the addition of Raymonds.

Recently, zodiac shirts have conquered the fashion world. These well-printed and well-designed shirts relate to modern youth and many young professionals buy these shirts to make a style statement.


combines the latest trends with classic designs that combine the best of both worlds. Zodiac shirts are available in all sizes and colors.

Park Avenue

, owned by Raymonds, was launched in 1986 and completely won people's hearts with its charming range of beautiful shirts. The elegance and comfort that these shirts radiate made it a highly appreciated brand.

They have a huge collection of shirts with shiny shirts perfect for every occasion.

Louis Phillipe

is from Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, which is one of the brands owned by Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. This is one of the best brand shirt manufacturers in India. Along with Louis Phillippe, they are also owners of Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England who embody style, attitude, luxury and comfort.

U. S Polo Association

is another Arvind Fashions brand looking for a more casual or outdoor look.

They are an official brand of the United States Polo Association, the governing body of the sport of polo in the United States since 1890.


, incepted in 1925, has been one of India's most popular shirt brands for decades now. It has been known for its quality fabrics and stylish designs that make it stand out from other brands. When buying a shirt, there are some important guidelines to consider such as fabric type, fit type, sleeve length etc., so that you get the perfect fit for your body type. These were some of the top 10 brands of men's shirts in India that offer quality products at an affordable price range. Whether you're looking for formal or casual wear, these brands have something for everyone.

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