Are there any clothing items that make great gifts for dad?

This is the best gift for Father's Day because this elegant linen shirt is perfect for looking dressed and professional while still being fresh. This June 18, Father's Day, the best gifts for dad and any father figure focus on the practical and special items on their wish lists. Luckily for you, many of these gifts are also available at trusted stores with fast shipping, which will allow you to procrastinate a bit if you're looking for last-minute gifts for Father's Day. Father's Day is coming up soon, on June 19; if you haven't yet got the perfect gift for your good father, there's still time.

The AquaVault FlexSafe fingerprint lock is the perfect Father's Day gift for the man who admires cutting-edge technology and appreciates a refined design. The Parker Clay Austin Messenger is the perfect size for the father who likes to travel light; a laptop up to 13 inches fits in the main compartment, with additional front and back pockets for storing papers and other small items. What complicates matters even more is the fact that there really isn't any gift in the world that deserves everything he has done for you. The AERA Franky boot with a natural python effect is the best ecological gift for a father who appreciates style as much as the planet.

An adjustable shoulder strap allows you to keep your hands free and a simple button closure ensures that dad's items stay protected. We've rounded up the best gifts for dad, including sentimental gifts and gifts for any first-time parent, and many of the best sellers on Amazon (you know, for last-minute gifts). In addition, great gifts for children that you will enjoy as much as your little ones, from newborns to toddlers and teenagers, and ecological gifts if you are one of those who think about sustainability. This is the best gift this year for parents who want to replace longer international trips with shorter weekend trips upstate.

This single-pitched Irish whiskey has been enjoyed by father figures around the world for more than 200 years and is the iconic gift that dad really wants. Keep looking for 60 gifts for men for the dads you most appreciate in your life, from first-time dads to uncles and grandparents. For the elegant father, give a gift of 100% French linen pyjamas from Piglet with the brand's characteristic terracotta trims. These round Swarovski cufflinks are the best Father's Day gift because they combine timeless sophistication with a unique sense of modernity and style.

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