Is a white shirt translucent?

In my experience, it's just the thickness of the material. Thin dress shirts of H%26M will be translucent, a more substantial OCBD will be more opaque. Most of the time, even the most expensive dress shirts will show a little undershirt through them. White or black camisoles with thin straps are appropriate under this dress.

Under sheer blouses, wear a fitted camisole underneath to soften your silhouette and hide your midsection. A black or nude cami should be worn with a black top. In the case of white, you can choose between black, white or tan to adapt it to the style you are looking for. The first reason a transparent shirt happens is that the fabric of your clothes is too thin.

The second reason for this problem can occur if you wear sticky fabrics or garments that don't have enough weight, such as silk, for example. Under light-colored or white dress shirts, white will be the most visible color due to its light reflection. If you're going to wear a bra, the best bra to wear under a white top is one that closely matches your skin tone. A white or nude slip can act as a third or fourth layer to prevent clothing from being transparent, while most white garments require three or four layers to prevent it from being transparent.

I have several different white shirts from different manufacturers and stores, but they all seem to have the same problems, to varying degrees. White reflects the greatest amount of light, so under light-colored outfits or under a white shirt, it will be more obvious. Keeping your t-shirts white will completely hide them under your classic white dress shirts if you change to gray. In addition, two of the shirts of the Los Angeles-based brand appeared in an Elle roundup of perfect white t-shirts.

But finding the best non-transparent white t-shirt is easier said than done, and you'll want to look for options with a tighter cloth fabric to avoid a see-through shirt. Users who wore the shirt with a skin-colored bra had the best results with this white t-shirt that you can't see through it.

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