Are backpacks better than shoulder bags for your back?

If you want to avoid damaging your posture, using a backpack is your best option. Unlike shoulder straps, backpacks distribute weight evenly over the back instead of on one side only. In this case, the body's natural gait remains constant and maintains balance. If you want to avoid any of these results, using a backpack instead of a shoulder strap may be the answer.

Backpacks distribute the weight you carry evenly across your back instead of focusing it to the side, maintaining your body's natural gait and maintaining balanced muscle tone. While backpacks are usually better, they can also cause problems. Carrying too heavy a load can cause the spine to bend backward, causing it to stretch forward to maintain balance. This action can cause the spine to compress unnaturally, leading to hip and back pain and a hunched posture.

Therefore, shoulder bags are the ones that adapt the worst to the posture, followed by a shoulder strap. Anything with an uneven weight distribution will basically cause more muscle imbalances, as the body compensates for weight distribution, says Dr. That's why backpacks or a bag with wheels are best. If you're not willing to give up your favorite shoulder bag, all hope is not lost.

Leary says to carry less baggage with you, in the physical sense. From time to time, empty your bag of unnecessary items, he says. And take care of your body when you're not carrying a bag. Take your time to stretch, use a foam roller to remove creases, align your body through gentle movement classes, and correct your posture, he says.

Learn about the best way to take care of your body. Dr. Leary's wellness club, Remedy Place, which will open its doors in Los Angeles in October, will offer alignment classes where guests can learn about the seven elements of hand balance from one of our rebalancing specialists, he explains. If you're not in Los Angeles, you can find a mobility class near you or opt for an online class.

At a minimum, foam roll. And maybe reduce the lip balms in your bag from 12 to two.

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