What is the best gift to give to someone?

The Yeti's double-walled insulation cools or keeps 10 fluid ounces warm and is perfect for the rosé (or hot cider) season. This lightweight, SELF Award-winning LifeStraw effectively (and quickly) filters bacteria and parasites so your loved one can produce drinking water anywhere, making it a wonderful gift for camping or hiking. The customizable box includes a fun print, a space for a personal message and a selection of small gifts, such as Sugarfina candies or quirky pins. If you're shopping for a friend who loves to look in the mirror or who spends a lot of time putting on makeup, an illuminated makeup mirror is a great gift idea.

Perfect for avid coffee drinkers or casual fans of the occult, this ceramic mug made by the independent artists at Society6 is a fun and useful gift. For a friend who has trouble buying, who already has everything or doesn't want more things, a gift of experiences is exactly what they'll appreciate. Your friend will love the Evapolar Evachill, SELF Fave's favorite portable device, which cools the air by evaporating water (instead of a fan). It's a great gift for anyone who works from home and wants to enjoy a refreshing breeze.

For beauty product lovers who are also obsessed with organization, this gift combines the best of both worlds. They're at home neatly folded in every place, playing napkins for a dinner party, or tied comfortably around presents. We've rounded up the best gifts to give to someone other than flowers, with product selections that both consumers and POPSUGAR's team of shopping experts highly recommend. Here are 45 amazing gifts for your friends that any best friend would appreciate, no matter what they're interested in.

If you have a friend who invites you to wine and cheese every weekend, give him the agate cheese board as a gift to take his cheese board to the next level. For that friend who appreciates good food from all over the world, consider treating him to a delicious edible experience from Japan with a box of Bokksu snacks. With a TISBest charitable gift card, the recipient can select from a long list of verified, interest-organized philanthropic organizations, from the ACLU to Zooville USA, and then spend their donation on the charity of their choice. You may not be able to give your loved one a good night's sleep, but you can give them a nicer, quieter start to the day.

For loved ones who don't need more things, but prefer to dispose of those they already have in their possession with greater environmental sensitivity, the Terracycle All-in-One - Zero Waste Box is the perfect gift.

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