The Pros and Cons of Electronics: What You Need to Know

Electronic devices and games can encourage cognitive learning and the development of analytical skills. This, in turn, can help children develop innovative thinking, research skills, strategic thinking, and creativity. Using computers can improve manual dexterity. However, excessive exposure to electronic devices is paving the way for many behavioral and psychological disorders. Children are so engrossed in the world of devices that the amount of physical activity they experience is compromised.

This, in turn, hinders the development of their motor skills. Various computer programs and applications for the smartphone or tablet can teach children coordination skills. Many of these applications can ask children to move an element on the screen, touch a specific element, disfigure an element, and so on. These types of programs can easily teach children motor skills and hand-eye coordination that they can use throughout their lives. Electronics can also be a great way to teach children to communicate.

However, spending too much time on technology can also diminish children's social skills. Today, we use technology to communicate on a daily basis. Whether it's through email, social media, text messaging, phone conversations, or video chats, a lot of communication is done through technology rather than in person. By sitting down and teaching children about each of these methods of communication, you can also teach them what is acceptable behavior and what is bad and rude etiquette. When children reach high school, college, or even start their careers, most research is conducted using technology. Searching for things in books is no longer the fastest and most efficient way to gather information.

Frequent use of technology helps children feel comfortable with electronic devices and feel safe when using them. It will be easier for them to become familiar with programs and techniques to facilitate and expedite research, which are fundamental skills to help them succeed later in their education and career. Many electronic devices and programs can encourage children's creativity. Various types of games and applications ask children to test their creativity by using digital art tools or using more advanced knowledge to design objects or logos. Depending on the type of application you use, your children can learn to design houses, create animations, edit and distort photos and much more. One of the benefits of electronic devices is the ability to access the Internet regardless of your location.

With gadgets like Kindle Reader, tablets and mobile Chromebooks, you can quickly and easily gain any knowledge, such as solving a problem or simply learning something new. Nowadays, it's also easier than ever for people who live in remote areas with little Internet access to have the same advantages as those who live in areas with good Internet connections. The light emitted by electronic devices is enough to alter sleep patterns, negatively affecting concentration and brain development. This is especially important for children where quality of sleep is necessary for mental development. Unfortunately, it happens occasionally. So you should know how to use other types of technology, such as those that existed before the invention of intelligent or electronic devices.

As with the advantages, there are also disadvantages of electronic devices, ranging from technological to health aspects. It's important to understand the pros and cons so you know what you're getting into whether you're buying electronics or using them. Whether you watch movies, play games or use various apps available on different electronic devices you can have more fun compared to the old days. In addition users may have difficulty using some types of devices either due to the hardware version or accessibility issues which is another drawback of electronic devices. You cannot imagine that life without electrical or electronic devices is of immense value from a personal educational and business point of view. This also makes it more difficult for people who need certain types of electronic devices in particular such as people with disabilities or visual impairments. Whether it's for communication or basic household chores electronic devices have become essential for everyone.

Therefore you should know the advantages and disadvantages of electronic devices to stay on the safer side. It's high time for parents to start spending quality time with their children so that they can slowly change from the world of electronic devices to the real world of humans. Electronic devices often give people the illusion that they are socializing when in fact they are not.

Claudia Gribben
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