Which way do you put your laptop in a backpack?

Place the laptop in the laptop bag as much as possible, with the hinge opening facing down. In this way, the laptop will not be compressed by an external force and the body will not be deformed due to an irregular placement. The secret to storing a laptop in a handbag is to pack your laptop first. Before storing clothes in the main compartment, pack the accessories.

Organizing your belongings will prevent the main compartment from accumulating in the other pockets. You won't have to put your laptop in at the last minute if you pack it first. Make sure the bag is designed to carry and protect your laptop. Hand luggage suitable for a laptop must have a padded cover that ends above the bottom of the bag.

The latter is important so that your computer doesn't fall to the floor every time you leave your suitcase on the floor. A good laptop backpack will also have pockets for the charger, cables, and other accessories. If you regularly use a laptop for work, you'll want to take it with you wherever you go and keep it safely in your backpack. In addition, the charger is bulky enough to form a bulge in the pockets of most laptops, which can put pressure on the laptop.

In addition, the charger is large enough to stick out of the pockets of most laptops, putting pressure on the laptop. Laptops are designed to withstand relatively high pressure; otherwise, laptops would always slip into people's backpacks.

Claudia Gribben
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