What makes a backpack tsa approved?

TSA-safe bags are designed to open, usually in the shape of a butterfly or three-fold, so that when the bag is placed on the conveyor belt leading to the X-ray machine, examiners can view each section of the bag independently. A TSA-friendly laptop bag is a backpack that can be fully opened, so that both sizes can be placed perfectly flat. These backpacks have a specific pocket for the laptop, so an X-ray machine can easily scan your computer without anything else standing in its way. No, TSA-approved laptop bags are not required.

Companies have manufactured them so that you can go through security control more easily. However, if you don't have a suitcase suitable for the TSA, in most airports you will have to take your computer out of the suitcase and place it in a trash can to pass through the X-ray scanners. The Wenger Legacy Notebook carrying backpack meets the TSA requirements for checking in at the airport without having to take out your laptop. Carry a device up to 15.6 inches in the triple padded laptop case.

The Solo Empire laptop backpack meets all TSA billing requirements, and the removable straps make it ideal as an office or travel briefcase. If you're a user of a medium-sized laptop and want to go through airport security a little more easily, this is the ideal backpack. The other side of the backpack has an exclusive tablet pocket on the top, so you can keep both devices in your backpack while you go through security. The Swiss Gear 5358 with ScanSmart technology is TSA compatible and has a padded compartment for a 15-inch laptop and a separate padded cover for tablets.

The Swissdigital TSA-compatible backpack has the same great features as the Madein one, but is designed for laptops up to 15.4 inches. The backpack has a side strap that allows you to keep your laptop in place while you walk through the airport or put your suitcase under the seat on the plane. The best TSA-approved laptop backpacks expedite airport check-in and save you more time for business or pleasure trips. One of the most tedious parts of going through airport security is taking your laptop out of your backpack.

Busy executives can quickly pass airport controls with the Targus CitySmart EVA laptop backpack, suitable for checkpoints. The Matein travel backpack opens at an angle of 180 degrees to easily scan the laptop compartment at the airport. An entire part of this backpack is dedicated to the laptop compartment, which includes a Velcro strap that will keep it in place during the flight. If you don't want to fight over who will occupy the limited space of the upper compartment of your next flight and don't want to spend too much time at airport security, this backpack is your best option.

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